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The Homestead


Our Vision

“The tranquility of the country side but still within the city pulse.”
– That had always been my dream, it just didn’t seem feasible. So when I stumbled over this century old little hideaway abandoned in the city park there was no going back. I couldn’t let it go, I had to restore it into a homestead of mine or forever live to regret it.


The vision of our homestead is not true self reliance. It is a more sustainable downsized lifestyle that leaves more time to life rather than money. Our plan is heavy influenced by permaculture and holistic planning. We aim for perennial crops through a forest garden and a few domestic animals with the best return of investment for food and ecological services.

Torpet Mon in late spring

The House

The current house was rebuilt after a fire in 1916 and it is a log house with a thick handcrafted wooden outer panel. These massive walls conserve energy well with the help of the central chimney, for which there are several iron and tiled stoves. The glass veranda was added later and we hope to extend it to the second floor in the future for our guest benefit. There is also remains of a barn that will someday be restored. The house was abounded and fell in despair in the late eighties. But it was saved by a young man with impressive energy in 2008 and when he gave up we took over in 2012.  After I had closed and renovated for a year we opened the B&B. The upper floor now host the guest rooms while the ground floor is private apart for the semi-public dining hall.

A trail with autumn leavs

Forest Garden

As we influenced by re-agriculture and permaculture our crops and garden are being built on the concept of a “Forest Garden”. The idea is to maintain a fully layered glade with everything edible, from ground covers, herbs, bushes and tree climbers in the trees. All layers supporting and interacting with each other during the season and successions for water, nutrition and sunlight.

Early green leaves plants and bushes with deep strong roots take advantage of the wet spring. Thus creating a protective coverage for the summer heat and also against weeds. Fruit trees gives fruits, protection against spring frosts and in the autumn leaves for ground cover for composts and winter cold, and so on.

Let us just say, that it is a marvel to harvest your first bowl of salad before the neighbors have even planted theirs.

A trail with autumn leavs
Hen with chicken


People say that there is no true farm without animals, and it’s true. Animals didn’t just provided food and materials for clothes. They also brought power, fertilizers, pest control and other system services. At least before we begun to buy these things from outside the farm and thus breaking the circle of economy.

Animals are a lot of responsibility and hard work so we have chosen a few with the best return of investment for our life style. Bees for honey and pollination of our crops. Free range chickens and hens not just for eggs and some meat but also for pest control, fertilizing and weeding. This year we are investigating summer sheep for biological defense against some park slide just north of us. It is one of Europe’s most invasive plants. Perhaps there will be some ducks later.

Book a Room

We offer four individual rooms in different sizes, all with their own small but functional bath rooms. Bedlinen and breakfast is included and so a one free parking space. All doors has code locks for easy access and codes can be sent in advance for late arrivals. We accept most credit cards at site or online by pay link. Specified receipts can be provided if needed.
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