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Special temporary conditions

Due to Covid-19 online bookings are disabled until the 30 June!

Only booking through direct contact with us are allowed before this date.

This is so we can be able to enforce our safety policies & proceedings stated below.


Any standing bookings made before Covid-19 will be respected both regarding free cancellations and for staying with us. We will contact you individually and report how your booked dates confirm with our safety procedures below. This to ensure that you you can make an informed and safe decision.


We support and discount outdoors Trekkers!


Our Corona Guidelines

We are a small hideaway B&B inside a city park with only four rooms, but we take the Coronavirus very seriously. We will do our best to make you as our  guest to feel as safe as possible during your stay.


Booking restrictions and safety

1. Rooms that have been used are quarantined for one day before rented out again to ensure that no surface virus survives.

Our Breakfast & Reception:

1. During this period we do not shake hand when we welcome our guests.
2. Direct access  to our breakfast buffet is suspended and guest are served at their table, in their room or outside.
3. Only one room at a time in the dining hall, unless travelling together anyway.
4. Floors, door handles, chair backs, tables are wet-wiped with disinfectant, between guests.


The rooms:

1. Rooms are quarantined for at least 24 hours before they can be used again.
2. Throw pillows and blankets are temporary removed during this crises
3. Bed linen and towels are washed at 90 degrees.
4. The bathrooms is cleaned with hot steam
5. Hard contact surfaces such are wet-wiped with disinfectant, eg handles.


As a guest, there are some things you can do to help:

1. Wash your hands frequently
2. Feel free to talk to us, but keep a proper distance
3. Cough in your arm fold, not in your hand.