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The Forest

Woman on a running track

Skatås Recration Park

Just north of the house through the forest lies the Skatås Recreation Center for the area. From here you can chose between running tracks of different length and severity, many also with electric light. You can go off bouldering or charge your MBT bike through terrain and mud or over the pump track.  For the more casual or social approach there is two Frisbee golf lanes, a 9 and a 18 hole one, beach volleyball and football grounds.  The center itself features both a indoor and an outdoor gym and has two saunas with pools. There are also running trollies for rent if you which to bring your young ones with you on the tracks or terrain.


If you prefer a real lake, Gothenburgs finest swimming lake is with a ten minutes walk south of us. It has both child friendly beaches and secluded spots all along the shoreline. The lake is also the city water reserve so it is crystal clear.  Summertime it features a canoe center and the fishing association next to it sells fishing cards that including the whole west coast and lakes.


West of us are Delsjöns Golf Court, Göteborg Lawn Tennis Court, a Nordic Wellness Gym and also Göteborgs FK, Sweden’s biggest riding school which offers group tours on horseback through the forest.

the lake Delsjön in winter

The Nature Preserve

The recreational park is part of a larger urban Nature Preserve of Delsjön, a lake which is also the reserve water supply to the city. The area is crissed crossed by easy to adventures tracks both for walking, running, biking or riding.

If you prefer a leisure long walk along the shore, it takes about 45 minutes to the other side. But there you will be rewarded by Bertilssons cottage, a century old café where you can recharge your batteries.

If you venture off trails, it becomes quite hilly since there are five characteristic ridges that goes from south to north. One ridge has a deep groove lake on top of it and to reach it you actually need to climb 40 meters up a stair carved out of the rocky ridge. Every summer there is a demanding trail competition that challenge these ridges. A more relaxing option is to purchase a fishing permit and just sit down next to the lake shoreline.

the lake Delsjön in winter
Two trekkers gazeing over a forest view


Our B&B is also part of three official trekking trails who all has one of their staging points here at Skatås. We support and discount these trekkers for accommodation especially during the winter season.


The trail “Gotaleden” is a explorative leisure walk between Gothenburg and Alingsås. It is an enjoyable and varied nature experience with 9 stages to choose from up to a total length of 71 km. All stages are synchronized with an local train line for walking the trail part time over several weekends. Everything nicely organized through a mobile app which also highlight different points of interest along the trail.


For the more demanding hiker the “South Bohuslän” trail offers 4 stages and 52 km. These stages are part of the longer “Bohusleden“, with 27 stages to a total of 340km. This trail will have you trekking along almost the whole west coast of Sweden.

a roe deer

Wild Life

The nature preserve is a safe haven for a flourishing wildlife. While we rarely has moose in our garden we are claimed by a roe deer stag and his family who are here on a daily basis. The bird-life is extensive including some hawks and we feed the small birds during winter and the whole spring. We keep our small stream in the garden flowing during all winter for open water access. The stream and fish pond has perhaps by that grown into a stable self-sustaining ecosystem. We have frogs singing and dragonfly humming in summer and spring.

a roe deer

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We offer four individual rooms in different sizes, all with their own small but functional bath rooms. Bedlinen and breakfast is included and so are one free parking space. All doors has code locks for easy access and codes can be sent in advance for late arrivals if requested. We accept most credit cards at site or online by pay link in advance, if needed specified receipt can be provided.
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