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Torpet Mon is a private homestead and our home, it is not a company nor is it our only job. Our B&B begun as means to and end, to downsize and make our lifestyle more sustainable all while giving us the time and economy to work with the homestead. The idea grow and today we aim high, to deliver to our guests the reliability of a hotel but the serenity and coziness of a home.

We hope you will find that serenity here with us during your stay.

Different Seasons

Our Seasons

Torpet Mon is living dream of a private homestead and we use two seasons to accomplish this:

Summertime we work outside with our urban farm and can fully focus on the B&B which is fully open.

Wintertime we have other work and do further renovations and upgrades to the house and therefore a more limited ad hoc availability were we open up on request, so do ask us.


High Season: 1 May – 30 Sep – Book online or direct.
Low Season: 1 Oct – 30 Apr – Ad hoc availability on request.

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Different Seasons
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Our Rooms

We offer four individual rooms in different sizes, from single room to family sized, all with small but functional bath rooms. Our beds are true queen sized double beds made with Egyptian cotton for your comfort. We do not have extra beds, instead we have a family room with a third bed in a cozy alcove. All rooms have a garden view and lovely single frame windows that can be opened during summer. During winter we put in removable isolated inner frames instead so we can preserve the original windows. The corridor and the rooms have soft floor carpets for while the house is situated in the tranquility of a forest , it is also in its original state so the inner walls are not soundproofed. Our guest rooms are on the second floor, accessed by a step mid century staircase.

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Breakfast buffet

Our Breakfast

Our breakfast is our pride and you enjoy it in front of the fireplace in the dining hall downstairs. Or if the weather allows it, perhaps on the porch next to the garden stream. The buffet contains all that you will need for a fresh start of the day. Home baked, locally produced and organic, much is from our own garden.

To the freshly made small pancakes you can choose from a variety of different jams, some more unusual than others and many we have made ourselves. Combine your own muesli or cereal mixture with seeds and dried or fresh fruits to go with yogurt or farm milk. Try different marmalade’s, cheeses, slices vegetables on our bread or choose classic toasts. We serve spiced water, juice, great strong Swedish coffee or quality tea in your own pot. Perhaps you top it all with an espresso in the garden before you leave.

Our breakfast buffet is slated towards lacto vegetarian and we always has some gluten and lactose free supplements available. Given some advance notice of allergic needs we can make better, like freshly baked gluten free bread or banana pancakes.


Our selection varies with the growing season.

Breakfast buffet

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We offer four individual rooms in different sizes, all with their own small but functional bath rooms. Bedlinen and breakfast is included and so are one free parking space. All doors has code locks for easy access and codes can be sent in advance for late arrivals if requested. We accept most credit cards at site or online by pay link. Specified receipts can be provided if needed.

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