Torpet Mon Gothenburg - English

                                                   With a heritage from the early 19th century we will carry on the tradition of a diverse little croft where the environment is the focal point.
                                                   The croft is situated in the scenic area of Delsjön, and here we produce vegetables, frutis, berries and a variety of eggs from hens and quailes.
                                                   We also manufacture furniture and fitments from scrap metal, old wood and other finds in accordance to the principle of reuse & remake.

                                                   Torpet Mon is open throughout the year, every detail has been carefully refurbished to match the ambience of the old building using modern,
                                                   low-impact and sober solutions. You will enjoy a good night’s sleep in easeful sheets under the stars, and the next morning you can spoil yourself with a
                                                   hearty brunch or simply just enjoy the serenity of the place - in the middle of the forest and the city at the same time.
                                                   In the proximity you will find Skatås training facility and conference center with a gym, nature trails, golf course and the family friendly lakes Delsjön and
                                                   Härlanda tjärn where you can go for a cooling swim.
                                                   Gothenburg Convention Center, Ullevi and Scandinavium sports arenas and Liseberg amusement park are at about 30 minutes walking distance from us.
                                                   If you prefer to use the public transportation it will take you only 5 minutes on tram number 5 to reach the destination.

                                                   You are more than welcome to the croft at the hill…



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